Below is an overview of the process of raising capital with NL Angel Network. The process is a series of stages that a typical applicant will complete, although the actual process may differ for each applicant.

Click here to download the NL Angel Network Application Form.

Step 1: Submit Your Executive Summary

All applicants are required to submit their contact information and an executive summary to begin the application process. This will be subjected to preliminary review. The non-refundable submission fee is $200 plus HST and must be made payable to NL Angel Network along with your application. Applicants failing to pay the submission fee will not be considered. We will notify you within 10 business days to let you know whether we want to schedule a meeting or request more information. The 30-minute meeting is meant to discuss the product or idea and help us determine the merits of moving on to the more detailed phases.

Step 2: Submit Your Business Plan

Applicants who successfully pass Step 1 will be asked to submit a detailed business plan of their product/service or idea. In the business plan, you should be detailing the need you’re addressing, your target customer, market dynamics, competitive advantage, and business model.

Step 3: Presentation

This high-level presentation will follow Step 2, where you will be asked to present in detail your business plan. During this stage, we may ask you specific questions pertaining to your service/product and its potential.

Step 4: Sample Investment Sheet

In this step, we will create a sample investment sheet to solicit angel interest. On the sheet, we will focus on the people, market, product/service, and what makes this a great investment opportunity.

Step 5: Meeting Angels

If results from Step 4 are positive, your whole team will be invited to meet with select angel investors. This meeting will also give you an opportunity to discuss idea and opinions with angels. It can be a lengthy process depending on how prepared you are and on angel investors’ individual requests.

Step 6: Preparing For Investment

This step involves all the due diligence, negotiations, and legal verification that must be done to carry out an investment. The entire process can take up to three months or longer.

Please click here to start the application. If you have any questions, please contact our Executive Assistant by phone.