The Backbone of Innovation in Canada

To build a thriving economy, innovation and diversity are essential. Given that small and medium sized businesses make up most of Canada’s (and the world’s) economy, it is important to support these businesses and their innovations to ensure a prosperous nation.

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Triple Bottom Line

It’s no longer enough for businesses to focus solely on profit. Triple Bottom Line businesses, whose focus is on people, planet, and profit, are absolutely vital to ensure the healthy, sustained life on Earth. This report explains why it is critical that new ventures hold these values.

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Transitioning Wealth

In less than 40 years, over 90% of wealth will be transferred from baby boomers to Millenials. This will mean that appetite for investment opportunities will change dramatically. How will investment change from the baby boomer era to the Millenial era? And what will this mean for businesses of the future?

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