Investing in the Future

In Canada, there is a significant void in the investment market that needs to be filled. Banks and other mainstream financial firms typically invest in well-established businesses with low debt levels and strong revenue streams, but they often overlook startups because of their inexperience, risk, and unproven track record. NL Angel Network attempts to fill that void by connecting angel investors and business mentors to startups. These individuals invest anywhere from $25,000 to $150,000 of their own money. Our goal is to bridge the gap between investor and entrepreneur, and create a thriving ecosystem supporting innovation and new businesses.


One of the biggest challenges of starting a business is accessing capital. Startup businesses have few sources to capital investment as traditional financial institutions and banks prefer well-established businesses with few risks and proven revenue streams. This is where angel and venture capital come in. NL Angel Network facilitates the connection between angel investors, entrepreneurs, and business leaders to help grow new businesses and innovations.

We are all about helping businesses thrive, so we take a proactive approach to investment and growing businesses. Our network of angel investors, venture capitalists, and business professionals work together to make your venture become a reality.

NL Angel Network was established to promote and foster an ecosystem of innovative businesses that help make our communities healthier. We place emphasis on businesses that show us not only a financial bottom line, but a bottom line for the environment and the people it serves. NL Angel Network is supported by the following organizations who share this vision with us – Canadian Investors Society, JK Heritage, Grind That Garbage, Skip for the Heart Foundation, and the Journal for Environmental Education.

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